From Vauxhall Bridge to Charing Cross /  2017/  100.5x144 .9 cm (including frame) /  Photographic paper, Aluminum frame 

This is a long exposure photograph that records the movements of my body within space. I Photograph the part of London which is the most familiar to me, from London Vauxhall Bridge to Charing Cross in one shot. The distance of that walk is 1.6 miles, which corresponds to a 30 minutes time exposure. Because I press the shutter – while the image is being exposed – I cannot see through the viewfinder. This forces me to focus on the present moment. I am used to hiding behind the camera, but this process pushes me back to reality. When the shutter is released, the image in the camera reveals an alternative perception of those 30 minutes of time and space.

For me, photography is a creative medium to face reality and also a way of exploring my own existence. When the photographer looks behind the camera and shapes another reality, this reality is the photographer’s truth. For photographers, the image is proof of presence or absence. In those 30 minutes, it might seem I was absent from Photography but instead appeared in the photograph.